Cosmic Guidance Deck

Cosmic Guidance Deck


This beautiful Cosmic Guidance Deck by Dream Moons is my favourite card deck. I is absolutely stunning and is the perfect card deck for when you need a little guidance from the universe.


The cards are thick and durable, with silver foiling on front and back of the designs. As well as silver guilded on the side, for that extra bit of magic!


This 42 card deck is divided into 3 suits - Action, Meaning and Message.


Action cards tell you what you need to DO about your situation. Think of them as the Universe giving you practical advice on how you should act in order to manifest the best outcome.


Meaning cards explain what your situation MEANS. Think of them as your subconscious mind or intuition telling your conscious mind the hidden truth.


Message cards is what the Universe wants you to KNOW. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do anything about it, it is just messages related to your situation for you to be aware of. After receiving and understanding the message, you can make up your own meaning or action inspired by it.


It comes complete with a book to help you understand the messages.