Intuition bath meditation

Intuition bath meditation


We all have that inner knowing and the more we connect to this and honour how we truely feel and what we truly want, the better and clearer life becomes. When we connect with and make decisions based on our intuition, the more we open up to attracting what is right for us and our path in life.


We are magical beings and our decisions and energy we put out is so important, as it has the power to impact our lives. The universe is always listneing and wanting to help us out and an amazing way to ask for help is to slow down, listen to youself, give yourself some time, relax and set some positive intentions. 


With this bath ritual you will recieve:

- Lavender scented bath salts.

- 1 x pouch of dired wild flowers.

- 1 x purple spell candle.

- 1 x lavender and amethyst crystal infused tea light.

- 1 x lavender and clary sage wax melt.

- 1 x amethyst crystal. (choose 'with crystal' option).

- 1 x incense stick